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Using the law to compel your neighbor to obey your morality is the bane of civilization. It has been the cause of far more grief than the consequence of the various sins that people want to police. Once you make government the arbiter of your personal morality every person who thinks they know how their neighbor should behave must now fight over government to assure their morality prevails. This sort of authoritarianism is oppressive and provokes endless violence as people defy the authority. Classical liberalism resolved this problem by making almost all moral decisions a matter of personal moral choice, removing the role of government as a priest (or Marxist ideologue) who can use force.

Disheartening that just as we are peaking with the neo-Marxist abuses of government to enact their morality, from affirmative action and diversity laws to their various attacks on free speech to their intent to take away private gun ownership to their many environmentally-inspired laws, the left has a long list of moral reasons why they must impose their authority on all of us. Now the right, who has given us decades of pointless, ineffective and expensive drug and sex laws, is doubling down on their own authoritarian bullshit.

The unintended consequences of this one are particularly frightening. Of course the anti-pornography laws will be used to control the internet and will be abused by government to target political speech, to target those who defy the usual powerful interests. Of course such anti-pornography laws will only shift the demand to more nefarious corners of the internet and give power to criminal elements. An I.D. check is ridiculous and won't work.