Al Barry is discussing:

You are an idiot. I will go into several points, that destroy your arguments:

1-Pornography is between consenting adults, those that participate in it, and those that watch it. Who are you to tell others what they can or cannot watch (reminds me of alt right extremist content and how it must be banned....right?)

2-What is and who defines obscene? Once a naked ankle was obscene, now we have slut walks. What defines obscene? Are you saying that you have sex with a sheet and just one hole between you and your wife? If not I am sure somebody will call that obscene, and would call for your imprisonment. Obscenity is not objective and cannot be a legal standard.

3-Age verification for cigarettes does not keep a database for any material and cigarettes can be bought with cash. (Maybe adult stores could sell access codes, that could be cheep or free, but picked up after showing ones ID card). But still, most likely it will be an online verification that uses a credit card. So more databases with peoples info. (And if your name was on there, what would you do to stop that info leaking if it was hacked?)

4-Leverage can be used against many Americans. I personally couldnt care less. I dont watch porn now, but I have, and some was weird. So? Who cares. I dont, so you cant blackmail me with that. But what about CEOs, politicians, priests, etc. Welcome to blackmail Porn Gestapo.

5-Pornography is a counter to an imbalance between gender issues. Men that do not want to risk being accused of any improper behavior still have needs. Some may have the fortitude to go without, but others need a "booster shot". Thats pornography. Now they can go without risking their freedom (literally) and house, and money etc. Ie, the MGTOW argument, but your kind, is against that, and sees men as nothing more than seed factories and slaves for a family. I want a family, but I will do so while being free, or not at all.

6-Porn MAY be addicting. I havent seen anything that convincing. But lets say for caution, we can raise the issue. I can guarantee that if young men were not terrified of being #metoo-ed there wouldnt be a need for porn (at least not beyond a casual consumption). Now, you are pushing young people to rebel, by adding porn use to their repertoire. You are encouraging the thing you are against, rather than like with capitalism, being laisse-faire.

6-The biggest ally to free speech (of all kinds) may be PornHub. I dont know if Ive been to their site once, but seeing how they were removed from Paypal, that gives them the incentive to be on the move. Jordon Peterson and Shapiro tried to create a payment processing service and FAILED because they do not have the money, but the porn industry is MASSIVE and has the financial and legal backing to pull off a new payment processor, one that isnt squeamish about porn or edgy speech. This is who you are making your enemy.

8-What you are proposing and supporting is against the constitutional. It is one thing for common public behavior (ie we cover ourselves in public) and another to ascribe obscenity, ie morality to ones private behavior. That is a religious argument that not all share. You are mixing church and state, but again, the First Ammendment is something that both the left and the evangelicals are and have been against. You were pro speech only while you were silenced. So, know this, the left isnt defeated yet, but your push, and emboldened strategy (before you are even in power) may solidify the left. Congrats, porn is the hill you chose to die on.

PS. Im ok with terms of COOMER or mocking people for porn addiction as that is their right and freedom to speak as well. That is the path to take if you want to sway people. Do it with competing ideas. Not with banning based on your religion. And as I said, I dont watch porn but at one point I may have been called addicted to it, yet I stopped. It is a cycle, based on hormones of youth. If I didnt have porn, no doubt I would have fathered a bunch of kids while not being married or there to raise them. Knowing how desperate some men are for sex, is THAT the alternative you want? Or will you propose that sex be illegal unless married, because anything else would be obscene?