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Thank Baby Jesus that Cucky Fried Chicken was there to console Beta Boy McSoftDick after his beloved wife went for the dark chocolate in public like that.

Maybe tonight if he asks nicely he can hold the guy's massive throbbing dick for him while she re-positions herself from missionary to doggy style so she can get some S H A F T up inside of her soon-to-be-gaping asshole. I bet the odds of him being allowed to watch and assist would go up exponentially if he stopped by Popeye's for a couple post-coital chicken sandwich combos for the happy-to-be-fucking new couple so they can enjoy the bliss of riding a hot orgasm while leaving greasy fried chicken crumbs in the new Purple bed that he recently financed for his woman.

This wasn't the first time she got the strange dick, and it isn't gonna be the last. He will be crying while he flagellates his all-too familiar little pecker and wonders how he's gonna pay for 'his' mullato son's child support payments in some seedy shitbox apartment in a year or so.