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Quickly share current tab to ARCHIVE.IS, ARCHIVE.TODAY, ARCHIVE.ORG, DISSENTER, or TWITTER with the lightweight Harambe's Toolkit

let's see if iget through with "Harambe's toolkit instead of gab's own extension w/chrome . something smells shitty @amy ...what's going on... we wanted to trust GAB dissent, not have it fucked, then abandoned. why don't i see stickies about dissent attacks on the home page? hopefully ijust forgot how to use chrome FFS and everyone els isn't having any trouble "connecting"? anybody find any extension conflicts? i tried vpn (proton), and different DNS servers. if i am right, there maybe a high level DNS blackhole file with some way or something wlse causing the extension tofail. :( tellme i'm stupid, but please tellme i'm wrong...

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