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Former Mayor Mike Bloomberg said the United States would benefit from more immigrants, not fewer. Bloomberg is running for president as a Democrat.

Bloomberg is in with the banks who want open borders for an endless stream of new clean slates with no debt so they can loan money to them in our usury system of money! Our system demands money be printed new all the time people! Bloomberg isn't going to tell you the real reason he supports the open border but it boils down to managing your credit responsibly America! If you lose control of your credit and your credit score drops and you can't borrow anymore or get even a low max limit you are no longer any good to the banks or the FED!

So you see when Rome was here where we are with money they freed slaves to allow, for a time to stave off the inevitable because even the slaves tapped out and mismanaged their credit and Rome fell.

These guys today plan for an endless stream of new clean slates to always loan new money to as they come into the country. "Welcome to the USA, here's your credit card!" Tapped out native citizenry becomes useless so when you can't keep your car or your house and get bumped the FED isn't concerned now since they have people waiting in line to take your car, your home and your place in society while you live in the street. Better manage that credit score people! Once it's out of control they got ya!

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