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The long read: It has left the beige-tinted margins and become social media’s most glamorous look. But why does veganism still provoke so much anger?

You seem to think I give a shit about veganism or animals or morality. I don't and even if I did, I would hardly engage with someone that has only a passing familiarity with basic logic and that consistently levels baseless accusations of fallacies. You are the one dancing around the actual purpose for which I engaged with you in the first place; pointing out that despite your claims, opinions cannot be described as factual nor are the subject to such terms as true or false.

Claiming victory in our so-called debate is equivalent to screeching away from a red light then claiming you won a race. All I've done is tried to relay my personal perspective in response to your inquiries, I've made no attempt to sway you to my point of view, which sadly has not been reciprocated.

You argue like a child that just read the Communist Manifesto, making sweeping claims based on limited information and life experience, then claiming victory whenever someone simply gets tired of your circular arguments and tedious grandstanding.