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A fringe group of far-right activists have been disrupting conservative and pro-Trump events in recent weeks, drawing rebukes from mainstream Republicans who are eager to separate the party from white nationalists and alt-right racists.

Watched it. He's right about Fuentes, from his perspective.

But if Fuentes were only attacking Charlie Kirk, He would have never gotten on my radar.

I don't care about neocons, and I definitely don't see why everyone is obsessed with tha JOOZ. I could give a shit about Israel, or Zionism, or Jews in general. They are a TINY group of people, who have some power in Hollywood and New York. And what they mainly seem to do, is fuck with Muslims. They do not directly affect my life.

Fuentes bothers me because: 1) he's an unrepentant asshole, and 2) his groypers are attacking EVERYONE on the right, and doing NOTHING to hurt the left in any meaningful way. More to the point, groypers are using leftist tactics against the right. They play games with language, and stand with fake moral authority on completely made up arguments.

Anyone who actually knows anything can tear apart a groyper in five minutes flat, but on Gab they are hiding behind a format that limits in-depth conversation. They drop their fucking hot takes, bugger the fuck off, and think they've won something.

They're dumb fucking kids, following around a walking fucking hemorrhoid of a person, and spouting off Nazi bullshit that they don't even begin to understand.

I'm done with them.