scott c miller is discussing:

equal rights is fine.

gay marraigre was about equal rights to straight people to be happy/miserable.

creating exemptions for some people, some of which are SEXUAL CRIMINALS who are biological males looking to rape and abuse women and girls. sounds like special rights to commit crime to me.

it IS NOT complicated at all.tim.

your progressive brainwashing is making your retarded. trans are not marginalized because they freared or hated they marginalized because there is hardly any of the fucking people.

most probably went their entire lives and met ZERO trans people.. most probably spent zero time thinking about them at all until around what was it about the mid of the obama admin that this suddenly burst into the scene out of seemingly nowhere and it had a whole industry around of of corporate funding by the same usual globalist anti western suspects and the think tanks they fund..

wake up tim on this bullshit issue stop fence sitting this one.