P. Jeffrey Black is discussing:

The Woketards have destroyed the "Charlie's Angels" franchise, just like they did "Ghostbusters," "Terminator," and "Men in Black."

For years I had similar thoughts. How can so many of these socialist liberal propaganda movies lose so much money, yet money keeps pouring in to make more of them year after year. Then I figured it out. These so-called "stockholders" are not stupid. The money they spend on these movies is a very small percentage of their wealth. They need tax write-offs.

Conclusion? These movies are not intended to make money ––– they are intended to brainwash and indoctrinate the masses.

Just like socialist billionaire George Soros . . . . he gives billions of dollars every year to organizations that promote socialism, and he does not expect to get a return on his money. The goal is indoctrination. Not profit.

Don't be fooled. The same is happening in Hollywood.

The goal is indoctrination. Not profit !!!