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The Adam Schiff impeachment show was more of a quiet, methodical flop. Imagine a slow leak in a big balloon and you’ll get the picture.

Elections have consequences, RDC. No DEM will ever accuse Shifty of lying - they are too busy punching.

When Paul Ryan convinced dozens of GOP House Reps to "retire"; during a year when all we originally had to defend was 8 house seats; the die was cast for this nonsense.

The only thing the DEMs could NOT predict; is that decades of their educational take over would produce the SQUAD; who are the true authors of all this mess. Their constant bullying and actualized threats of primarying out moderate DEMs; have joined with Pelosi's decades long push to create a leftist DEM party.

I hope Pelosi gets her mouthful of all this manure and chokes on this teachable moment. This is why the warning: "Be careful what you wish for, you may receive it." W. W. Jacobs*

*(W.W. Jacobs, in full William Wymark Jacobs, (born September 8, 1863, London, England—died September 1, 1943, London), English short-story writer best known for his classic horror story " The Monkey's Paw." Jacobs's early home was a house on a River Thames wharf, where his father was manager.)