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And pigs fly. The only thing that will silence this woman and her criminal syndicate family is persecution and exile to Haiti.

America is fed up with the Democrats. The idiot 19 running in the general election for office of #Potus have nothing to offer. Why does Hillary want to retire one who is doing a job which compared to his predecessors is beyond compare?

Her interest isn't for the country. It is for her foundation.

All of the inquiries to those in her party regarding her possible campaign aren't warm and fuzzy about it. They aren't warm and fuzzy about anything coming from their own party.

They are only interested in stopping the guy that may ultimately turn their lives upside down.

Even the media that carries the water for the left has no answers. Their influence is consistently mocked by the current resident of the White House.

They couldn't deliver her to the office of #Potus before and know there is nothing left beyond a Hail Mary intention.

People are wise to the deceit, corruption and arrogance of a people selling out our country for their own selfish greedy interests.

Hillary has to continue the fantasy of still being wanted for office rather than being wanted for obvious crimes she has committed.

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