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What's going on in Sweden? Easy. Sweden has allowed an unrestricted flow of third world mooslem invaders to invade their country. What's happening in Sweden is what you get when you import mooslems.

The violence will continue until one of two things happen...

1 - The People of Sweden rise up en masse and violently kick out all mooslems from their country, establishing tight border controls, and banning eeslam from being practiced in their country.


2 - Sweden bows to the invaders and surrenders, becoming a third world shareeea law governed mooslem caliphate, requiring all citizens to convert to eeslam, pay a coughfir tax, or die while all religions and atheism is outlawed.

Number 1 is the most ideal solution but is sadly the least likely to happen as the Swedes are simply giant pussies and will likely surrender. After all, this is the country that invented the term "Stockholm Syndrome."

To become a mooslem is to renounce your humanity. All mooslems should be sent screaming in terror from all Western countries, back into their desert shitholes where they can remain until they evolve out of the 7th Century and into the modern era.