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CHICAGO - Much of the snow that was supposed to fall in the Midwest has come down and now it's time for the main event: Record-breaking cold.

The explanation given over the last few years to address such sudden onsets and push of extremely cold weather is not that it's cyclical and we are entering another phase of cooling be it decade, century or larger, but that so much moisture has been put into the atmosphere that when the cold does hit, the extra moisture produces colder and more extreme weather.

In short, global warming causes extreme snow storms.

Since we are technically due for another ice age, could it be that all the CO2 pumped into the atmosphere by industrialization slowed or postponed it?

Our current level of CO2 also seems to have kick-started a greening of the Earth to a level not seen in centuries. If they are wrong about CO2 and we do actually reduce atmospheric levels, what about food production? CO2 is essentially plant food.

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