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Even if there were proof that Trump tries to discredit journalists so he won't look bad, his fans wouldn't care.

Perhaps if you don't like being called #FakeNews, you should quit being #FakeNews.

Do I believe Stahl? NO. Why should I? Do I believe the author of the article, Bernard Goldberg? Again, NO! Why should I?

Particularly in light of the fact that he claims in 47 years in national news - 28 with CBS News - he has never seen #FakeNews. Oh, an "occasional mistake" from time to time, but NEVER #FakeNews.

I can tell you, as a news consumer, I have seen TONS of #FakeNews pieces just in the last three years. How about Russia-Russia-Russia. There's #FakeNews - and NO, it was not an honest mistake. It was vicious, t was malicious, and it was intentional.

How about the Covington Kids story - again, #FakeNews; again vicious, malicious, and intentional.

UkraineGate; the LACK of interest in Antifa; the LACK of interest in vetting Barack Hussein Obama; the LACK of interest in Fast and Furious; the LACK of interest in the IRS targeting of Tea Party and conservative groups; and the list goes on and on and on.