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Even if there were proof that Trump tries to discredit journalists so he won't look bad, his fans wouldn't care.

"When he says the “fake news” media concoct sources to make him look bad, he’s wrong. " No he isn't...ABC showed a bombing in Kentucky and claimed it was Syria. It was a made-up story. Completely FAKE. They got caught.

Remember Rather-gate. Different president, same issue. The Fake ran with it. That fake collusion ran with it. I don't love Trump but he is the best person for the job in this media climate, he's showing republicans how to grow a pair and fight back. I do despise the liberal-left wing media and it's lies and bias disguising itself as news. You're a dishonest bunch of ideologues who are full of yourself. Why is Trump's phone call a problem, but Biden openly admitting on video to withholding funds to get the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating his son fired...isn't?