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Even if he loses the next election, the damage he’s done to our political system will be lasting.

Ah, David Frum. The liberal turned neo-conservative, former speech-writer for George W. Bush, shameless propagandist for globalists and the military industrial complex.

My neo-conservative brother encouraged me to read to 'An End to Evil'. That book was so offensive in its lies, its distortions, its shameless manipulation of data. David Frum and (((Richard Perle))) shamelessly promoted the policy positions of the deep State and the establishment. They helped do the dirty work that pushed America into conflicts that were not in our interest, widely recognized now as costly mistake.

Yet here he is, predictably an anti-Trump propagandist. After all, the establishment isn't about left or right, Republican or Democrat, it never was. The establishment is about protecting the union between the Federal government and big banks, big military and big corporations. The role of guys like Frum is to promote the interests of the establishment, to fleece the taxpayers for endless subsidies and bailouts and wars that serve military contractors and foreign nations (eg Israel) instead of helping average Americans.

Frum just keeps right on going, doesn't skip a beat. It's apparent from this article that Trump's disruption of the establishment is inspiring Frum to do what he does best, create artful lies. He's so good at it! What a magnificent smear merchant he is!

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