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The public evidence indicates that the effort to impeach the president was hatched even before he took office.

Sharyl, ineptitude takes a long time to prove out. That is why absurdity is associated to the word. Incomotence is revealed rather quickly. Ineptitude was the result of 2 terms of Obama. It is the result of whiny democrats endlessly failing at their plan to unseat Trump. Ineptitude is claiming to have an insurance plan only to realize Whole insurance should have been considered over the Term policy.

Trump may be impeached before the 2020 elections. But even if he is impeached he'll not be removed by a Senate finding.

What is truly amazing is how long it took for democrats to construct a plot of treasonous intent and realize they showed up to a gun fight with a knife.

These people are dangerously stupid. For that reason alone they deserve immediate removal and exile to one of their favorite recent travel destinations like Syria.

This election will come from Americans which will no longer tolerate obstruction over the business of running a country and they could care less what media hopes to manipulate.

Timeline is spot on.