You're going to lose my support if you continue to push the bullshit claim that "alt-right" represents a radical group with extreme ideologies. Most of the people who bought Kekistani merchandise considered themselves to be alt-right, and most-definitely do not view white people as superior.

Whoever is attempting to solidify a definition for "alt-right" is deviously attempting to rewrite history. If they succeed at defining it as something entirely different to what it actually was at the time, all future history books will paint freedom-minded individuals as racist. Wikipedia will state that the alt-right are a bunch of racists, and the articles for you, Donald Trump, etc, will state major support from the racist alt-right. Any legacy left behind from the good and just individuals, who viewed themselves as alt-right, will be viewed as something that needs to be undone.

Dump whatever source-of-truth bullshit media is giving you this definition of alt-right, and stop retroactively painting your fans as racist.