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Parents in the US have just lost all legal control over their children. Another vital column of Western Civilization has just been knocked out.

First Canada votes in favor of cultural and national suicide and now this? What a day for blackpills.

Societal collapse seems inevitable. Either we're going to end up in a Communist Dystopia where so much as using a person's wrong pronoun will get you a jail sentence, or we're going to eventually see a massive backlash and get a more authoritarian Right-wing state where homosexuality is illegal and gays are persecuted. I'm actually kinda hoping for the latter. The disease of homosexuality has gone way too far.

I hope the dad appeals it all the way to the SCOTUS and hopefully, MAYBE the ruling will be overturned along the way and the SCOTUS will rule in the dad's favor, but given how shitty our justice system is, I sadly don't see him winning.

The West is increasingly fucked.