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I'm honestly am beginning to question whether or not she's actually a mooslem. I think she and other prominent "mooslem" women like Sarsour and Talib, are pretending to be mooslem to try and give credibility to the "muh not all mooslems" and the "muh moderate mooslems" myths.

There's no way a true mooslem husband or father would permit or allow their mooslem wives or daughters to run around like this without a regular beating at the least or getting honor killed at the most. I'm even starting to wonder if she really was born in Somalia. I honestly wonder if she isn't a redux of Obama.

I honestly wonder if the Dems just didn't look for some dark/brown skinned Communist actress in Hollywood and hire her to play the part of a "Feminist Mooslem Socialist" and plant her in a safe Dem seat to try and be a "friendly face" to lull the sheep into gradually accepting the Dems slow boil and to accept the mooslem and/or socialist overlords the left wants to install to lord over the rest of us.

This would not surprise me at all. Omar's behavior and running around like this just makes me doubt her mooslem credentials. Adultery, drinking alcohol...that's two big harams, the former of which would get any ordinary mooslem honor killed. So I'm strongly doubting her ever being a mooslem.