Dr. Bob Sears, an Orange County pediatrician andΒ nationally known critic of vaccination laws, faces the loss of his medical license after the state medical

The law is wrong. If you try and force me pills, I'll bite your hand off.

Partial/delayed vaccination is not a death sentence. Obviously one can't deprive their children of food, but vaccinations are not essential medicine.

I'm fully vaccinated and get the flu shot every year. Stop pretending the anti-vaxxer boogeyman. I prefer the term "pro-choice".

I'm not ignoring the reasoning behind the law, I simply don't care. You don't have the right to permanently modify the way my body functions to minimize your risk. That's my decision.

Scientists were wrong about the food pyramid, they can be wrong about vaccines. Science is a tool, not a religion. Being free means that I get to interpret their findings however I see fit.

Vaccination is about science. Mandatory vaccination is purely politics. Japan has zero mandatory vaccinations and they have healthier children than we do. Public health crisis? That's half sales pitch, half punchline.

I'll manage my family's health, you manage yours. We'll see who lasts longer in the gene pool.