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Thank you Democrats, you just gave us Trumpers the ammo we need to shoot down the bogus lie that "Trump is attacking the free press."

FACT: Trump has not enacted any laws against the free press. He's attempted to ban specific "journalists" from the press gallery due to their reprehensible behavior, and he is suing CNN, but he is not passing or pushing any laws that even remotely touches the Free Press. Otherwise, the media journalists that have opposed the President would've been perp walked long ago.

Democrats and Left-Wing governments have habitually passed laws that cracks down on the Free Press. In the UK they have "Reporting Bans." In places like Venezuela, Cuba, China, and North Korea, the government controls the Press. And now, Democrat dominated California forges the first link in the chain to curtail the Free Press in the US. And I'm not even talking about the Left Wing controlled Silicon Valley tech monopolies deplatforming and banning news outlets and journalists they don't like. I'm talking actual government sponsored curtailing of the Free Press.

So thank you, Democrats for once again projecting your true nature to us. You once again have proven that you accuse your enemies of what you yourselves are guilty of doing. Another shining example of Leftist hypocrisy.