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The San Francisco 49ers are on fire -- but it's their smallest teammate who's stealing the spotlight.

NASCAR did this sort of thing too. They showed Tommy Cook's wife, Amy, riding in a golf cart at a track, with Dale Earnhardt in the front seat. They awkwardly were silent about this married woman because NASCAR was allegedly still a "family sport" as they always liked to say. Now that they are married to each other they can't get enough Amy/Dale news. Then there is Martin Truex and his girlfriend of 14 years. They have proclaimed that "Marriage is not for them so we shouldn't care either". They also made comments about two drivers sleeping together and "she was going to make him sleep on the couch" that night after they got into a wreck together. She moved on to sleeping with footballers now after she milked NASCAR for 5 years.

Whether you care about marriage, family, or not, why are we treated to this discussion and not about racing? Could it be that they struggle to keep a sub-par mediocre female driver in the news unless they talk about things other than her wrecking all the time?

NASCAR is dead to me for many reasons. NFL is dead to me after living in a broke liberal town (in receivership) and they charged the taxpayers for a new stadium for their pro sports playground. That and they make too many excuses for criminal activity and anti American showboating.