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Not against Islamic jihad terrorism, but against "Islamophobia." That means they will get more of the former, and less of the latter, including honest analysis of the nature and magnitude of the jihad threat, which is routinely stigmatized as "Islamophobia." France is finished. "Leading French figures urge action against Islamophobia," Yeni Safak, October 16, 2019:...

It's a bit reductive to describe the French like that; all leaders of all countries can be similarly derided.

It's particularly foolish to describe pre-modern people as being German and Italian; they lived before Germany and Italy existed in any meaningful sense. In fact, Germany (and it's predecessors as the HRE and Carolingian empire) was created by Charlemagne. He was a Frank, but then modern France is named for the Franks who took the place over and in the later middle ages Frankish meant French; they would call the HRE Teutonic.

All heroes of all nations can be equally attacked by the way - Everyone's family came from somewhere else first if you go back far enough.

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