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I think about not having children because of the environment...the political/societal climate that is.
I live the EU and see a rise in fascism.
The EU implemented legislation to gain the ability to remove sites from the internet and doesn't abide by its own standards. My country has laws that allows the government to inspect all network traffic.
Politicians in my country are obsessed with self flagellation surrounding the past. Some candy has been banned because of "provocative names" and quite a few streetnames have been changed because they were named after important historical figures.
Hate speech is now also a thing. Just talking about immigration policy can now be grounds for fines, so...that's a thing in my country now (yes, even for politicians)... Climate change is being used to push ridiculous laws. New houses that are better for the environment aren't allowed to be build since building these houses will cause pollution. Farmers are being told to shrink the amount of livestock they have and they might have to pay for permits to allow livestock in meadows in the future. In Germany I hear the second largest party say things like "We need a system like China and temporarily abolish democracy to combat climate change".
General consensus seems to be that populism is bad even though we are supposed to live in a democracy. If a majority wants something, it can simply be overruled by saying it's a populist stance.
I look at the news and they will sometimes comment on the "alt right" growing, because of a rise of antisemitism. Islam however is never mentioned as a possible cause, even though we imported quite a lot of immigrants from the middle east. People are no longer honest and because of this are filled with double standards. People in public say they love diversity and that discrimination is bad, but in private they completely flip around and talk about how they don't want to live in a diverse neighbourhood.
Its just not that great of a future prospect...