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What Tim fails to understand in this video is that this is something that has happened before and will happen again. People discovered YouTube initially as an alternative source of entertainment and news. It led, indirectly, to the creation of a number of video streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu, and even Pornhub. People gained an alternative to the mainstream, sterile, and sanitized media. The conditioning began breaking, people were able to hear the other side of stories for the first time ever. The elites ignored this until two things happened: Brexit and Trump. That was the wake-up call to the elites that controlled the media that they no longer had the monopoly on information.

Alternative sources exist and are winning hearts and minds, convincing the people to vote against the Elites. Now they're cracking the whip and forcing these alternative platforms to effectively sterilize and become the same single-narrative outlets that the people started to escape from. But thanks to the internet, they are doomed to failure. We're now in an endless loop where they'll go after one platform, sterilize it, but in the process competitors will emerge. Gab/Dissenter is but an example of how we can beat the elites.

As the internet becomes more and more decentralized, so too will the elite's power over the flow of information. They will never have the same power over the flow of information that they once did ever again. They'll still have a fair amount of control, but they'll have to constantly work and fight hard to suppress alternative media and alternative outlets and they'll never succeed.