Andrew Lloyd Mirlach is discussing:

We are here to tell you "Greta", that the Man made Climate Change hypothesis has failed every single time it has been compared to reality.

ALL IPCC cLIEmate UNscience fails this test.

"In all things of a statistical nature, such as measuring climate change over time, a null hypothesis is defined and tested. The null hypothesis must be assumed to be true unless statistical analysis proves it is outside the range of random probability. That range has a strict mathematical definition. It is two or more standard deviations away from the prediction of the null hypothesis. In laymen’s terms it means there is a 95% or greater chance that the null hypothesis is wrong. In that case, the null hypothesis is rejected."

Not one IPCC Model has passed the statistical test needed to refute the Null Hypothesis.

Your communist claptrap is not selling to the masses.