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Francis Robert "Beto" O'Rourke is a would-be authoritarian tyrant who'll abuse the powers of the presidency (if he is ever elected for whatever reason) if it means to take guns from gun owners, at which time will be the start of the American Civil War 2.0.

But one thing that O'Rourke did in a positive way for gun rights is unmasking the Democrat party's intentions regarding firearms and the "right to keep and bear arms" on registration and eventual confiscation. By outright stating his intentions the Democrat party can no longer play the "we will not take away your guns" argument.

The fact he is getting roasted on reddit by those whose politics don't align with O'Rourke's authoritarian leanings shows how out of touch with the people and the logistics of "taking away every single AR15 (and possibly every single firearm) O'Rourke is.