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What's the downside to this? I'm not seeing one. We've seen what happens when Democrats run the show. High crime, high taxes, unsustainable policies, using tax payer money to fund failing or useless policies and efforts, promoting pedophilia, violations of constitutionally guaranteed rights, and more.

It seems to me that the country is waking up to this fact and backing the side that endorses what's good and right.

We're in a world wide, nationalist-populist awakening. Right wing, anti-globalist, pro-nationalist parties are gaining strength across the globe because people have seen what happens when the Left takes control. The Establishment globalists are fighting tooth and nail to stop us, from the 25/8 attacks on Trump, to the sabotaging of Brexit, to the underhanded ouster of Salvini in Italy. But in the end, they will only rally more support for the populists in their country by showing their hands. It wakes the sheeple up and makes them realize that the globalists will stoop to almost any level to keep their power.