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Charlie was accepted as a victim of modern slavery - but first he was prosecuted and sentenced to 18 months

If you are under 19 and commit a crime just say you were groomed.

This is the big con we will see over the next few years as hundreds of low IQ (learning disabilities) migrants use this excuse to avoid jail and deportation. They become victims. We have been putting white teens away on 'joint enterprise' charges for years for simply being silent about crimes or abetting them in any way. But now we have a black teenage knife problem they are changing the rules.

It's telling the article features a white lad but who knows if the image of 'charlie' isn't a stock image. Most abusing this loophole will not be white. The article was written by a black woman who writes for Quartz covering migration, identity, borders, and regional politics. She has covered the refugee crisis extensively.