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I looked in my notifications and thought 'Who the hell is that?', but it's you! You've got it so your avatar here and on gab are now synched =).

I know, it's a total cult. I work as an environmental engineer and it's a job filled with climate nuts. Even people who should know better (that have the data!) drink the kool aid and end up a 'friend of Greta's'. He's dead on about the immigration stuff too, but that does seem to be the Adf's bailiwick over in Germany. We should have a party like that here. UKIP used to be shaping up to it but have turned out to be a major disappointment. I'm a hair's breadth away from cancelling my membership altogether and staying away from parties altogether, which was always my inkling.

I've missed out on my Rekieta viewing, I'll have to catch up this week.