Laguna X is discussing:

Reminder: The logic that "If you're using public services, you're obligated to serve the public" can be twisted to force literally anyone to do literally anything.

Normally, Tim would be able to see the obvious fallacy of this thinking, but he (like any leftist, and most normies) is engaging in a "starting from the conclusion" thought process.

In this case, the conclusion is, "Denying service to black people in the Jim Crow era was wrong, therefore I must adhere to logic that justifies why that is wrong", leading to all kinds of logical gymnastics like, "Well, gay wedding cakes are different because they're 'forcing speech'", which is an irrelevance when faced with the larger truth that, "Any time you force someone to conduct business against their will, you are violating their property rights."

This kind of logical fuck-up is what stops Tim from having value beyond just, "Not being part of corporate media".