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Almost five times as many male respondents as female ones told YouGov they are good-looking. That’s no surprise, considering girls are trained to bat off compliments, writes Suzanne Moore

There was a study where they let people estimate their confidence of their own looks, before presenting a slideshow of models of the same gender. Then they let them estimate their own looks again.

Women saw a huge drop in their confidence towards their own looks, while males showed no drop at all. Men's reaction surprised the researchers.

When researchers asked the men why they didn't feel any worse for their looks after watching images of much better looking men, the men typically responded that it is the job of those men in those pictures to look that good, and since they didn't work as male models, there was no reason to compete.

I think this shows something fundamental - and ancient - in how people view themselves.

Woman's looks are in direct correlation with her status. An exceptionally good looking woman can get a wealthy husband even if she herself is from a poor family. Therefore having good looks is an important asset and something to out-compete other women with, and is independent of her own professional skill level.

But a man's status comes from his ability to provide. And people provide with so many different ways, that there is no reason to compete with everyone. I can code, but I'm not a professional test engineer, a fisherman, a politician, a journalist, etc. There is no reason for me to be stressed about other people being better than me in their profession. And being a male model is just that - a profession.

I don't think I'm beautiful. I just know I don't have to be. That's not what is required of me. I'm required to keep my family fed, clothed, and warm - and that's what I'm good at.