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This is what the whole of the US and western world can expect so long as we continue to tolerate the 7th Century Death Cult known as eeslam within the country! These mooslems need to be executed for this! These mooslems will continue perpetrating these kinds of acts and will gleefully escalate to stabbings and rapes as their numbers continue to flourish if not confronted and stopped! The answer isn't to simply "arrest" them, or to simply "admonish" them. The solution is to make the country inhospitable to them to the point that they will flee to the deserts where their backwards ways belong!

Eeslam needs to be banned! It needs to be first and only illegal religion within the Western World as eeslam has proven itself to be incompatible with western values. They refuse to assimilate, they insist we cowtow to everything they do, they lose their minds over the smallest of infractions, they riot if someone draws a satirical picture of their pedophile prophet moohamed, and they will gladly rape and kill you if you refuse to bend the knee to them! This has nothing to do with poverty! All mooslems, even rich mooslems, advocate this backwards lifestyle and will perpetrate this if given the chance!

The only way to know someone is an ex-mooslem is if they willfully do the following three tasks: First eat a strip of bacon in front of you, prepared however they want but it must be real pork. Second, they must denounce moohamed as a pedophile and a warlord. Finally they must desecrate a queeran in front of you. Failure to do any one of these things means they're lying and are still a mooslem and as the queeran teaches, mooslems are told to lie to the infidel. So "Not all mooslems" is a lie. #YesAllMooslems

All mooslems need to be driven out of the west! They need to be sent screaming in terror from the West back to their desert shitholes where they can remain until they can evolve out of the 7th century and into the 21st!