Robert Dollier is discussing:

32 seconds is all it took for this to become what I thought it was.

Climate change defined as: "Hey guys, so, the Earth's climate is always in a state of flux" is real.

Climate change defined as: "OMG, we have to destroy America's manufacturing, industrial, and military capability, but not China's or India's even though they produce faaar more carbon than America, because if we don't Mother Gaia will kill us all like the horrid little viruses we are!" is faker than CNN and MSNBC combined.

So yeah, sure, lets have all the white women stop having babies. The Chinese, the Indians, (and soon to be faaar more important/detrimental) the Africans are going to keep reproducing like crazy. Kinda seems like this isn't about the climate at all, but rather the elimination of a certain population. Who wants to bet there's someone whispering in this broad's ear who's name requires six parentheses to spell?