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Nobody will file charges sadly, I think his sister is a crazy feminist herself, I wouldn't be surprised if his mental health issues were created by his insane family. She has a website where she does some Feminist Frequency style videos etc etc.

Just read her statement, it sounds like she talks compassionately about his brothers mental health issues. However, let me get my tinfoil hat. What if his "mental health issues" were her and other family members guilt-tripping him, shaming him and mentally abusing him to no end for being a "toxic white male" and his "struggles to become a better person" were his attempts to appease his insane family and deny who he was.

I have no proof for this, but I think it's worth considering this angle. It would also explain the sanctimonious "I'm sure he hurt some people" sentence in there.

Is that how you would react if your brother got killed? Acknowledge some unproven claims of his wrongdoings by some insane crazy person?