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In a move that should surprise EVERYONE, Barack and Michael Obama, INVESTED up to $14.8 million in a 6,892 sq ft MANSION… ON AN ISLAND… IN THE ATLANTIC OCEAN!

I agree with the article, but I sold my home of 41 years recently, which was 50 feet above sea level, and this looks very similar to aerial views of it. Also, Al Gore's house in Montecito, part of which is oceanfront, isn't close to the ocean. Montecito fires and landslides in recent years show that a lot of Montecito is low foothills miles from the coast. Yes - Obama (and Gore) says f*ck climate change - he flew to the Paris Climate Conference with 500 of his sycophants for a 2-week vacation in Paris a few years ago. Both of them have a real soft spot for a eugenic carbon tax.

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