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Members of the Women’s Equality party to challenge parliamentarians accused of assault or sexual harassment

Five members of parliament accused of assault or sexual harassment will face survivors of violence and abuse on the stump at the next general election, with the new candidates representing the Women’s Equality Party on an anti-violence platform.

Why are people (men) who have been accused and no more, facing anything of the sort, irrespective of their job title or genitalia? This is a travesty. A feminist coup d'état. These men playing along with this shit astonishes me.

Jenn Selby, WEP candidate for Cities of London and Westminster, said that violence cannot be tackled while men suspected of violence remain in positions of power. “As long as they continue to influence legislation that affects the lives of women and girls across the country, we cannot hope to create a more equal future or one that is free from violence,”

Here, again we have 'suspected' being spun into a make believe story of catastrophe. Her statement declares that suspecting someone or accusing them instantly makes them unfit for any office. This is the ultimate aim, to be able to point the finger and have one's target just blasted out of their livelihood, relationships and public life like some deplorable magic spell. Evil fucking bitches.

Here is a little about the nest of vipers mentioned in the article. Harridans, all:

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