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A mural depicting shock jock Alan Jones wearing a ball gag head harness has popped up on an inner city wall.

Suggested new headline....

Dumbest, spoiled-brat "artist" in the world uses "freedom of expression" to criticise "freedom of expression", like a total hypocrite.

Half of Alan Jones conspiracy theories have been vindicated this year, since his criminal silencing. Who would have believed his rant about animal-human-hybrids in China? Now it's common knoweldge.

Anyone who doesn't think Alan deserves freedom of expression as much as anybody is personally responsible for the falling western world. Just remember, when it comes time to lie in the bed you've made... you won't even be permitted to complain about it. You've already banned your own right to express yourself, but you're too dumb to know it. It's just a matter to time until you too have an opinion that you're not permitted to express. Have fun with that.

Any journalist who celebrates the banning of Alan's free-speech is dumber and more corrupt than I would have thought humanly possible.