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The discovery of mystery pointy and lengthened skulls in Croatia is shedding new light on the region’s strange ancient rituals.

Why go clear over there to study them. These were found in the 30s in the USA in a mound in Illinois not far from Chicago. This is documented in the 1931 -32 IL. State Blue Book in the article titled 'Rediscovering Illinois' and they found ten "long heads' and none of these exhibited any cranial deformation at all and no tools were found with them.

These were simply of a different type of hominid intelligent bipedal people dating 2000 years older than the Hopewell and even the infant had a long head. This article confirms that the scholars of the time documented the species here before us homo sapiens sapiens as 'of a different form' (their words) than the 'round skull's occupying the area since. Don't believe it? Here read it for yourselves.

The Smithsonian took some of this but the bulk of the findings of these digs were stored in basements of museums in boxes both in Chicago and Wisconsin. They are probably still just where my father in law's father put them when they found and documented them for the University studies. You'd be surprised what they found and no one talks about. Stuff much more interesting than this boring presentation.