Troy Nathan Taylor is discussing:

Hilarious considering that we'll never be able to prove or disprove anything written here! And even if we did develop the ability to get there our reproductive systems are regulated by our sun and moon hell everyone knows this!

Women have a average 28 day cycle here and men a average 33 day cycle.. If we leave the regulating bodies by going out to another world guess what happens? Women's menstrual cycles become irregular at first, then stop altogether and then the women go bat crazy! Imagine that out there in deep space and that doesn't even speak about the nutso fiasco the men will go through in the same sequence of event.

Bottom line is we can't leave the planet we're locked here and if we did leave we'd end up in the same boat ancient tales tell us another race of beings ran into coming here when they created us! They couldn't reproduce on their own after getting here either and ended up having to hybridize themselves into a species already here to survive.themselves and then they die and the only thing left of their kind is the creation they hybridized into!

We can't leave the planet without the same things happening to us which is why if we do ever get there it will be by drone robots not us. Our robots will survive on but we'll die off locked to the world and system we were born into. NASA has known this for years! They are the ones that did the experiments on women locked in lead lined containers deep underground to see what would happen if they became separated from the earths regulating bodies.