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9/11 did only one good thing. It redpilled millions of people around the globe as to the evils of eeslam! When the towers came down and the whole of the arab world cheered, the sight of millions of mooslems in the streets celebrating the thousands of lives lost that day should have awoken the world to just how vile and how evil eeslam and their pedophile prophet warlord is!

Sadly too many people were put back to sleep or stayed asleep thanks to the "muh not all mooslems" sheep who insist there are good mooslems, when there is no such thing. Mooslems are taught to lie to the infidel. The only way to know someone is an ex-mooslem is if they are willing to denounce moohamid as a pedophile, eat a pork product in front of you, and then desecrate a queeran in front of you. If they refuse to do all three of these things, then they are still mooslem.

A day needs to come when the world finally fully awakens to eeslam's true nature and rises against it. All mooslems need to be sent screaming in terror back to their desert shitholes where they can remain until their culture evolves out of the 7th century and into the 21st like the rest of the world!