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Two tourists have been arrested on suspicion of raping a young German woman in Playa de Palma

Why the F kids always want to go to such places... I don't understand. Orrr.... well, I do understand but reality works differently from their perception. Very often. Every holiday season each and everyday the stories that bubble up.... they have been known for decades. From rape to being raped. From theft to being robbed or committing it. For murder to missing persons. From lost luggage to it being stolen. From drinking themselves into a coma to drinking themselves into the hospital. Each and every fucking day. And I'm not even talking about all the fights and other injuries and damages. From taking drugs to getting the wrong drugs to getting into jail. Nor am I even talking about all the STD's and food poisonings etc. SHitty hotels... on and on and on and on. ANd having to pay shitloads of cash to even be able to get yourself into all that trouble.

You're a moron if you want to go there as a kid and worse: you're a total failure as a parent when you let your kids go there. Chicks aged fourteen up to eightteen, nor boys, have any business being there.

And apparently, neither do 20 year olds.