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The long read: Once an obscure idea confined to the darker corners of the internet, the anti-Islam ideology is now visible in the everyday politics of the west. How did this happen?

How exactly is this a myth? Being a Brit I’ll use the UK as a case study. As of the last census in 2011 - white Brits were a minority in the majority of the London boroughs for the first time in the history of the UK - this is not a myth this is a fact. Mohammed is now the most popular boys name in England and Wales (if you add the variants in spellings), this trend is replicated across Europe where the name is becoming increasingly popular- again this is not a myth this is fact.

For the last few decades we have net immigration of over 300000 people per annum - this is the figure the government gives us, as such, should be taken with a pinch of salt. It also doesn’t factor in illegals who enter by the boat load daily. At the same time indigenous birth rates are dropping way below the 2.11 figure - while the birth rates of mohamedians grows exponentially. Next, let’s talk about demographics - in the UK the Muslim population doubles every decade. Not much of an issue when there’s a few thousand - however when we currently have around 6 million Muslims (more than the population of Wales) in the UK - you can see where this is going in the coming decades if current demographics continue on their trajectory.

Next we have the former head of MI5 telling us there are over 23000 jihadis on a terror watch list being watched constantly - how much do you think this costs annually? Added to the fact the demographic of the religion of peace doubles every decade 23k becomes 50k very quickly. 50k then becomes 100k. England was conquered in 1066 with an army of 20k - how many jihadis will it take to conquerer the UK and change the course of history forever? The question is... what are you going to do about it?