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Who are “anti-natalists” and why do they want the gradual extinction of humanity?

Anti-natalism is simply when you call the morality in the act of reproduction into question: Is it right to bring other people into this world without their consent, to get old, age, and die, and on the way suffer any number of diseases, be forced to live each day surrounded by bloated, rainbow-haired feminists and transgender nutjobs, child molestors, and dangerous Muslims and black people, and to struggle through eventual heat death as every summer the world gets so humid people will boil alive? You can't protect the lives you bring into the world, mathematically, you're signing someone up for cancer, so why would do that? What level of vanity or selfishness makes this appropriate?

Anti-natalist don't want YOU to stop having babies, they're just people who point out the obvious observations that piss off delusional traditionalists and religious folk.