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Never let a crisis go to waste is an old political adage. And this crowd of candidates was not going to let that happen. It was two days of contrast that tell us about America 2019. In El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, following the mass murders of Saturday and Sunday morning, the local folks…

Oh noes, really? Politicians are taking advantage of a series of obviously staged events for political points?

Gee, isn't it funny that all these unconnected shootings happen over the same weekend..

Oh, and lets not forget Iran is attacking oil tankers while Abe is visiting Iran, that Assad really was gassing his own people, Qaddafi was about to cause a humanitarian crisis, and Hussein had a weapons of mass destruction program that was so secret, it's still not been found..

Mr. Buchanan, you're an old man, would it make that much of a difference to simple explain that a mafia runs the country now, and regularly kills innocents for an agenda now? Because that's the actual problem this nation faces.

I'm getting pretty tired of people refusing to just stare the problem in the face. I've seen it for over a decade. Just identify it, for god's sake.

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