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Dubai (AFP) – The United States is deploying troops in Saudi Arabia as tensions soar with its arch-rival Iran raising concerns over navigation in

“Is a new US-led war looming with Iran?”

  • Can’t secure our nation. Our citizens are victimized every single day, raped, murdered by illegals. The parasitic subhuman libtards are gutting us from within, demolishing the middle class, ruining our children’s future, but we are going to waste resources, and our lives to go fight for for the interests of globalists?

Fuck that. I’d much rather fight the civil war. As only then will we be able to rebuild our nation, restore the middle class, improve the quality of life for our families, and secure a future for our children.

Till our nation is secure, illegals are deported, work visa issuances stopped, and a family can once again buy a house, a car, raise three kids, pay for their education, take vacations, and retire, all affordable on one average income, I don’t give a shit what is happening in Erope, Middle East, Africa, India, or China. Let Europeans protect their own interests, and it’s well past time they paid their own bills.

Mooslime can rape, and cull the imbecilic retards in Europe for all I care. They’ll either fight and live, or give up and die. I’ll work on securing my own nation, my family and my children’s future, before I give an ounce of piss about Iran capturing UKs oil tanker.

Trump, the inept derilict commander in Chief, better wise up in case he is delusional enough to think we’ll yet again leave our families defenseless in the third world libtarded Banana Republic that is USA, and go fight for globalist interests.