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A man confronted a black Georgia state lawmaker in front of reporters Saturday and denied her accusation that he told her to "go back where you came from" during an argument in a supermarket checkout lane a day earlier -- and the lawmaker this weekend appeared to walk back her explosive charge.

What a country. A dude can pretend to be a woman, even go as far as to find a butcher to filet his junk, or a woman can pretend to be a man, but you aren't allowed to make a comment like "Go back to where you came from"? Frankly the story sounds made up but the shocking part here is that he is having to deny it like he is on trial. Sheesh.

In the entire country, just today, I am certain there were millions of "dangerous or offensive" things said but you know what? We can say whatever the fuck we want! It's called the Bill of Rights and it is not just for black people!