Roger Borg is discussing:

The home secretary also said open racism was propelling extremist politicians to power around the world.

Taqiyya intensifies.

The lies around immigration are that it's so low, around 300,000 net per year.

That's the figures from the ONS, based on the farcical IPS, a tiny, voluntary dip-sample of incoming passengers which simply asks them if they're planning to stay illegally and disappear into the black economy. Curiously, nobody answers yet to that.

The number of NI applications (for claiming bennies, not paying tax) is consistently double the ONS figure, as was the 2001-2011 population rise in the census.

Javid knows this as he has access to the actual records of passport numbers in versus passport numbers out which have been suppressed for years.

He also knows that a majority of British resident muslims think that homosexuality should be illegal.

Not a majority of recent immigrants, an overall majority.

Gay rights, or islam: choose one.

A welfare state, or open borders: choose one.

"communities" or a "national identity": choose one.

His words are meaningless fantasy jabber.