Texaner in London is discussing:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Donald Trump once saw a country that had lost its greatness — its cities wracked with crime, its borders a pathetic sieve, its leadership corrupt, its standing in the world a...

Hahaha, extremist nut job CALVIN WOODWARD at far-left AP totally spergs out at being called out for hating America - goes to default blame Trump mode.

Oh, and if you think this if Calvin's first Rodeo, think again. There is an entire page dedicated to him at NewsBusters: https://www.newsbusters.org/journalists/calvin-woodward

And FAIR also has quite a list of Calvin's greatest activist hits: https://fair.org/topic/calvin-woodward/

Harass the wacko soy boy on Twatter here: https://Twitter.com/CalWd

He also pushed the "Acosta video was doctored" conspiracy theory: https://www.journalism.org/news-author/calvin-woodward/